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Embroidery Digitizing.

5$ Flat Rate

We aim to provide the best embroidery digitizing for the least price!

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Flat rate
Embroidery Digitizing

We don’t price our service around the number of stitches or the size of your design. We keep everything at a flat rate so that you can focus on delivering the best possible results for your customers! The maximum price for digitizing is $10.

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Embroidery Digitizing

We are cheap. But we still offer the best possible professional service. We use the latest software’s for scanning your images, creating the vector of your image and finally creating the embroidery file you asked for!

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Fast turnaround
Embroidery Digitizing

We aim to deliver each and every order in about 24 – 38 hours! We believe that every digitized material is important for you and that you must not wait many days for your designs to arrive. With this you will have more satisfied customers!

Photos of designs are not accepted. Make sure to send vector style images.
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Revolutionize your embroidery designs with embroidery digitizing. This digital process involves converting artwork into a format that can be read by embroidery machines. By breaking down the design into individual stitches and colors, specialized software allows for resizing, color changes, and text additions. Once digitized, the design can be loaded onto an embroidery machine, resulting in a precise and accurate final product. Embroidery digitizing has made it possible to create intricate designs quickly and efficiently, with consistency in the final product. It has also opened up new opportunities for artists and designers to create unique and custom designs that were previously impossible to achieve with traditional embroidery methods. With embroidery digitizing, you can bring your art to life digitally, whether you’re a professional embroiderer or someone looking to create a custom design.

We offer lightning-fast turnaround on our embroidery digitizing and logo digitization services, converting your images into machine embroidery file formats. Unlike simply converting one picture format to another, our logo digitization process transforms graphical shapes into beautiful stitch designs that can be applied to any fabric. Embroidery digitizing is a unique process, distinct from screen printing, as it focuses on the stitches rather than graphics. It requires specialized software, a dedicated embroidery machine, and a professional digitizer to ensure the best results. Whether you’re looking to represent your custom logo on apparel or create intricate designs, embroidery digitizing is a perfect solution. Both visual forms can bring your designs to life, and our expert team can help you achieve your vision with precision and quality.